how much is a piece of the berlin wall worth

Pieces of the Berlin Wall once sold for thousands of dollars on the collectibles market. But now, they're often worth no more than everyday concrete. the fall of the Berlin Wall is being marked this weekend with much fanfare. My Own Piece of the Berlin Wall But in addition to seeing the thing, I wanted a souvenir, and this seemed like the surest way to get one. While the piece of the Berlin Wall inside does not hold much monetary value, it does mark one of the greatest moments in recent history, the.

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Case have to be clean please keep in mind that item preowned please scroll through the pictures and ask questions before bidding. A day in the life of Berlin Facebook moderators. Brown Pouch holding 2 pieces of the Berlin Wall. But a few parts still stand, the most famous being the 4,foot-long East Side Gallery with more than colorful paintings between Warschauer Strasse and the Ostbahnhof. My MarketWatch Watchlist Alerts Games Log In. On the East German side, a "death strip" extending in front of the wall existed, allowing those manning watchtowers to spot East German citizens attempting to escape.


James Baker explains restoration of Rice University's piece of the Berlin Wall

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Pieces of the Berlin Wall quickly spread throughout the world, a memorable souvenir for those visiting the area or as a collectible to mark the end of the Cold War and a "duck and cover" mentality. A collector might but don't think he would pay much. It stood as a concrete reminder of the Great War and the post war politics of occupation and domination. Redirecting to the Gizmodo store in. Piece of The Berlin Wall. There were kilometres miles of concrete, or 45, individual segments, and its commercial value was recognised early.